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Hi. I live in Canberra, Australia, and started tatting early in 2009. Consequently, I've now caught the 'tatting bug' and hope to be infected for a long while.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Motif 23

Almost forgot to put this little cutie up online. It is an Easter bunny inside of an Easter egg and it was my contribution to a group entry in the Canberra Show.

I wish I could give credit to the designer, but the pattern didn't have a name attached to it :(


  1. Happy Easter....Your bunny in the egg is darling!! I can't recall seeing this one before.

  2. Sweet! If you omit the whiskers and the tail, this could be a Taurus sign, like the ancient one, with the curved horns! I know, being a Bull, as well as a ...
    Fox : )

  3. What a cute egg! I've seen that pattern before, but can't recall where. I might have to do some investigating.... Happy Easter!

  4. Very cute! Happy Easter to ya!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  5. Vanessa,
    I have had the same egg in a exchange. It was in february 2oo2. The lady who made it was almost 90 years old. It was the second year of our guild. So I think it will be an old pattern.